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Virtual Transition for 2020

This page will be updated with information for children and the families of children who will be joining us in Year 7 in September and is in place of the transition events that would normally happen during the summer term.  We are very disappointed that these events cannot go ahead due to the Covid-19 restrictions but hope that the 'virtual 'transition' will help our new students become more familiar with The Spires College and with what to expect when they get here.

June 2020

Secondary School Transfer 2020 – A message to our new students and their families.

We hope you’re all well and are starting to get excited about the transition into secondary school.  

We have concluded all of our remote access meeting with primary schools and have organised all of our new Year 7 tutor groups.  All families of children joining us in September should have received a pack with a personalised letter telling them what tutor group they will be in.  If you haven’t received yours, please email so that we can check your details and send you a replacement.  The Transition Booklet included in the pack can be viewed via a link at the foot of this message.


We are very disappointed that our transition events cannot go ahead due to the Covid-19 restrictions but hope that the 'virtual 'transition' will help our new students become more familiar with The Spires College and with what to expect when they get here.

In the Transition Booklet you can see some of the faces and names of staff that will be Year 7 tutors and teachers.  There are also some tasks that students might find fun to do and that link to things they will be learning next year.  There is no expectation for these to be handed in, although we’d love to see some of the things that have been done in September.

We have also made a film which you can view via a link at the foot of this message.  Please do take a look at the video because you’ll be able to start getting to know some of the staff by watching it, as well as finding out more about your lessons.  


The following people are responsible for the transition process.  If you would like to speak to any of them you can contact them by email to arrange a phone call:


The deadline for ordering uniform was Friday 19 June 2020.  If you have not already ordered uniform please do so as soon as possible.  Uniform will be available to collect towards the end of August (dates to follow).  Please contact the Uniform Shop by emailing if you have any queries about ordering uniform.  Our uniform supplier was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the supply of blazers is likely to be running late.  For this reason we will be asking our new Year 7 to wear what we call ‘summer uniform’, that is shirt, tie and skirt/trousers (with no blazer) for the first fortnight, by which point our new stock should have arrived and we can issue blazers.  At that point we will be also able to change sizes for anyone who is worried blazers they have ordered will be too small by September.

For more information about uniform please go to the Uniform page via this link: Uniform Page

Classes and setting

We usually use SATs and Year 6 teacher assessments to place students in the best teaching group to match their needs.  Because we do not have this level of assessment data this year, students will start the term in mixed classes and we will use the first few weeks to determine the best grouping for each child.  We will ensure that any preferences for the language option are taken into account.  Students who join us with a selective place will be the exception to this because their group is predetermined by the 11+.  Our nurture group will also be in place from the outset.  

First day of term

The first day of the autumn term and our new Year 7s first day as students of The Spires College is Monday 7 September 2020.  Students should arrive at main reception for 8.20 am, where the Year 7 Tutor Team will meet them.  We very much hope to be fully open by that point but we will keep you updated as the government announce further information on school re-opening.  We are all very much looking forward to welcoming you to our college community.

Have a lovely summer and we’ll see you very soon. 


Use this link to view the Transition Booklet: TSC Transition Booklet 2020

View our Video via this link: TSC Transition Video 2020