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Year 7

Welcome to your own page on our website!

We've never done this before so you may have to bear with us if there are teething problems...

Here is your assembly for Monday 1 June, via the link below:

Y7 Assembly Monday 1 June 2020

Here is your assembly for Monday 11 May, via the link below.  We haven't been able to fix the video issue, so Mrs Faulkner will share this with students via the tutor group pages on Google Classrooms.

Y7 Assembly Monday 11May 2020


Our first publication is the assembly for Monday 27 April, via the link below.  Fingers crossed this works!

Y7 Assembly Monday 27 April 2020

UPDATE:  Mrs Faulkner's video won't play...  Mrs Faulkner says that she hopes everyone is well and reminds you how important it is to keep up with your school work so that it is easier for you when we go back to school.  She also reminds you that you should keep up with your exercise and stay active as this is important for both your physical and mental health.  Mrs Faulkner gives you a little update as to what life is like at home for her and her family as she is being kept very busy not only with school work but with her own children at home; one is learning to write and the other is learning to walk, so she certainly has her hands full!  Mrs Faulkner says that she misses you all and is looking forward to when you can all be back together again.

Year 7 Contacts:

Mrs Pike - Pastoral Support Manager:

Mrs Faulkner - Head of Year: