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2021-24 Option Choices (Year 8)


Year 8 students are entering an important and exciting stage of their secondary education: making choices for GCSE courses.  This page provides information about the process and will be updated as the term progresses.


Course Information

In advance of the Year 8 Options Consultation Evening on Thursday 11 March, we published an Options Booklet containing details regarding next year’s curriculum.  This contains details of the subjects available, their content and structure, as well as other guidance.  The booklet has been emailed to Year 8 students and parents/carers.  If we don't have an email address for a parent/carer, a paper copy of the booklet was posted home.  It is also published below on this webpage.

In addition to the booklet, this year we have recorded short information films that give more detail regarding subject content, assessment format and reasons why the subject may be a suitable choice.  Links to these films are in the options booklet and also below on this webpage.

The information should be read and viewed carefully and discussed between students and their parents/carers so that parents can assist their child in making good subject choices.  It is important to discuss both the appropriateness of the subjects and their suitability to the students' individual needs.  We advise that students choose subjects that they will enjoy, are appropriate to their intended career, and are areas of study where success can be achieved.


You can view the options booklet via the following link: Options Booklet 2021

You can view the information films about each subject by using the links in the table below:


Computer Science
Modern Foreign Languages
Art and Design
Digital Information Technology
Film Studies
Hospitality and Catering
Physical Education
Performing Arts

Religious Studies
Textile Design



Online Options Consultation Evening

The Online Options Consultation Evening for all Year 8 students and their parents and carers was on Thursday 11 March, from 4 pm to 7 pm.  We suggested that the booklet was read and videos viewed in advance, making a note of subjects that are of particular interest as well as any questions.  Appointments could then be made for subjects that are being considered as option choices so that parents and students could talk to subject teachers and other available staff to find out more about which will be the most appropriate choices.  

Appointments were available in the same way that the online tutor and parents' evening bookings have worked this year. 


Submitting Option Choices

On Thursday 11 March all Year 8 students received an email with a link to the online Option Choice form.  The deadline to submit this form was Thursday 18 March 2021.  Parents and carers were asked to ensure they had made time to consider and discuss the option choices with their child before completion of the Option Choice form. 

As far as possible, we will do our best to meet individual preferences and to ensure that students follow courses which are suitable to their ability.  However, if there is insufficient interest in any course or the combination of courses selected are not compatible we will need to review the feasibility of running them.  For this reason the reserve choices are important and should be given equal careful consideration. 


Questions or Queries

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the options process, please contact the college so that Mrs Faulkner - Head of Year 8, Mr Kay - Assistant Principal or Mr Sutherland - Vice Principal, can help you.  Please remember that teachers are not available during teaching time but will contact you back as soon as they can.