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Explaining the impact of Covid-19 on UCAS applications

The Spires College closed to most students on 20 March in line government guidance and as part of national social distancing measures to limit the spread of coronavirus. Students engaged with remote learning during this period via Google Classroom.  As a result of both significant inconsistencies amongst the cohort with regard to access to technology and safeguarding considerations, we did not have ‘live lessons’.  Students were taught and set work on Google classroom and communicated with their teachers via email.  Students received regular, individual feedback on the work that they completed.  For those who did not have access to appropriate technology, paper-packs of work were sent home and staff communicated with them via regular ‘check-in’ phone calls.

Students were offered face-to-face support sessions from 15 June – 16 July.  This equated to three 90 minute sessions with each of their subject teachers.

The timing of the college closure meant that students did not have their usual programme of university application support. Students were also unable to attend UCAS fairs. Students were sent guidance via Google Classroom and email. However, those students who lacked adequate access to technology were not able to engage with this. To counter this, phone calls were made to explain the process.

We began an intensive UCAS support programme upon return to college in September.



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At The Spires College we pride ourselves on knowing each and every one of our students and our Sixth Form is no different.

We understand the importance of building on students’ prior learning and experience, as well as pointing them towards new opportunities and guiding them in new directions. We offer a transition programme from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5. Whether you join us from The Spires College, from another school or from another country, you will receive one-to-one advice and support to help you to choose courses that are right for you. We want our students to love learning with us and to lay the foundations for future success.

Students joining our college enter a caring community within which high levels of personal support and challenging learning combine to create success.

  • Every student joins a tutor group: personalised tutorial support is pivotal in ensuring that every student’s academic success and personal well-being are cared for.
  • Our experienced tutors are expertly placed to offer guidance when you join The Spires College Sixth Form, to keep you on track while you are here, and to advise you on how to make the most of your future beyond Sixth Form.
  • Our specialist Sixth Form Team – comprising a Vice Principal, Director of Sixth Form and an Assistant Head of Sixth Form – make sure that you receive the highest levels of guidance and support to get you to where you want to be and to be happy and healthy during your time in the Sixth Form.   Your personal development is as important to us as your academic achievement; your future is as important to us as your present.