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Food and Dining Facilities

The Dining Hall

The college has a self-service dining hall, which is operated by a specialist catering company, The Compass Group, who operate many schools' catering facilities. Our dining hall has a 5 star rating for food hygiene and safety.

The dining hall offers a different main meal option every day and a wide range of school food compliant snacks.   A full price list can be viewed via the link below:

Price List

The dining hall serves food at the following times:

  • Morning break 
  • Lunch time

Our current menus are below:


Morning Break MenuLunch Menu Week 1

Lunch menu week 2

Lunch menu week 3

Lunch Menu additional items 1


Lunch Menu additional items 2

Lunch Menu additional items 3




Paying for food and drink

The dining hall is “cashless”; students have a pre-paid account that is debited when they purchase items.  At the till, the correct account is accessed either by thumbprint recognition* or a Personal Identification Number (PIN).  Students must ensure that they have enough credit in their pre-paid account before selecting items to purchase. *The thumbprint recognition system has been suspended due to the transmission risk and each student has been given a bar-coded card to use instead.

Accounts can be pre-paid in three ways:

  • Parents and carers can make debit or credit card payments via their ParentPay account. If you have a ParentPay account you can log into it via the following link: ParentPay.  Please see below if you do not have a ParentPay account.
  • Students can use top up machines located in the dining hall and on the ground floor corridor, which accept cash in the form of coins and notes.
  • Students can post cheques (made payable to Compass Group Ltd and with the student's name and tutor group written on the back) in a secure box next to the top-up machine in the dining hall.  Parents and carers can hand cheques in at reception to be posted into the box on their behalf.  The value of the cheque will be credited to the account before the next break or lunch time and the funds will be available to spend immediately after that.

Getting a ParentPay account

We prefer accounts to be topped up using ParentPay as this is the most efficient process.  If you don't have a ParentPay account please email requesting set up and we will email you details of how to set up an account.

Thumbprint recognition system

The thumbprint recognition system is more secure than using a PIN and we much prefer that students use this method to access their accounts.  We need parental consent to scan thumbprints and this is given or declined when parents/carers complete the registration paperwork before students join the school.  If your child already attends but you have not yet given consent, you can download a letter with enrolment instructions using the following link: Thumbprint Consent and Instructions

Free school meals

Students entitled to free school meals are credited with £2.70 each day that they can spend at morning break or at lunchtime. Students choose their items and then use their thumbprint or PIN at the canteen till.  Free School Meal credit is only recognised by the till system and does not show as available credit on the top-up machines. 

You can log in to ParentPay by using the following link to their website:

Breakfast Club

We run a Breakfast Club each morning from 8 am in room 1607.  BFC is open to all students and everyone who attends is offered a bowl of cereal and a friendly welcome to help start their day well.  BFC is completely free of charge, you do not need to book a place and can attend as often or as little as you prefer.  If you would like any further details about BFC, please contact Miss Knight: