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Lost Property Collection - Thursday 22 July

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All unclaimed lost property will be displayed outside our main reception after school today, Thursday 22 July.

We are sorry for the lateness of this reminder.  A message has been sent to all parents/carers and students in Year 7 - 10 this morning and students should also be reminded by their period 5 teachers today.

Students who are in school today and think they have lost anything in school should check for their items. 

Students who are not in school today and think they have lost anything, should email with a description of the item.  Our staff will check for anything matching the description before items are donated to charity or disposed of.

The procedure we follow for lost property is detailed below.  This can always be viewed on our website:

  • Lost property should be handed in to reception as soon as possible, not left in classrooms, offices, or taken home, etc.
  • Items that are named will be returned to their owner via form tutors if practical or, if the item cannot be left in the tutor’s pigeon hole, a note will be left for the tutor to give to the owner.  The owner should then email to arrange a time to collect the item from the Lost Property Hub by the last Thursday before the next school holiday.
  • Un-named items are sorted and stored temporarily.  Students and parents should enquire by email to if they are looking for something they have lost.  
  • On the last Thursday before each school holiday, un-named and un-claimed lost property is displayed in the reception foyer and students and parents are invited to claim items that have been lost.
  • Items remaining after this are donated to charity, or disposed of.

Please remember that the college is not responsible for personal property bought onto the college site, nor is it liable for any loss should personal property be damaged, lost or stolen.   Please carefully consider whether it is appropriate for personal items to be brought to college.