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TSC Together/Apart: Mr Hegarty of Hegarty Maths, the new member of our work and learn at home family

Colin Hegarty
Colin Hegarty (no copyright infringement is intended)

A snippet from a day in the life of a work and learn at home family...

To set the scene: on the landing where I have set up the Wii for Wii Sports PE lessons, Child One is having a virtual swordfight.  Child Two is supposed to having a maths lesson in the spare bedroom currently set up as a kind of office/storage area and I am working in my bedroom because I have learned that a dressing table is a much more ergonomic workspace than a dining room table.

Child One exclaimed in the distance, “Oh, he is soooooo irritating!” as they entered the sword fight arena area.  Child Two, between slashes (and apologies to the wall for whacking it as the landing isn’t really very big), replied, “Who? Mr Hegarty?”  Child One replied, “Yesss.  Mathematicians write it like this…  Thank you for watching…” in THAT 13 year old voice.  Leaving the battle arena and entering MY office space, Child One flopped onto the bed to annoy the cat who is asleep AGAIN.  I have decided that he really doesn’t pull his weight around here.  I digress.  “Child One,” I said, “Why aren’t  you doing your maths?” “He is so annoooooyyyyyiiinnnnggggggg!”, Child One replied.  Short shrift ensued as to that Child One was to go back and do the maths regardless of how annoying Mr Hegarty might be.  Swordsperson extraordinaire pipes up, “He is though.”  Then after a moment, “But he is quite useful.”

As you were.

(Names have been changed to avoid cries of “Muuuuum, you are so embarrasssssssssing-er!” for the rest of eternity.)