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Hire of Facilities

In the late 1990s the school buildings that had been on the site since the early part of the century were crumbling away and we no longer fit for purpose.  At that time, the only way for a new building to be built was as part of the government's Privately Funded Initiative (PFI) scheme, whereby the building is built by a private company then owned and managed by them for 25 years.

As a PFI school our building is owned and managed by The Compass Group.  The Compass Group have an office on site, work closely with the college and are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the site, the catering facilities and for hiring out the various spaces and rooms, including Quinta Field on Quinta Road.

If you would like to find out about using any of the facilities during weekends, evenings or school holidays, or have any queries regarding the building or maintenance, please contact The Compass Group's on-site office by telephoning 01803 408844 or by emailing  You can find more information at the following website, which is also managed by the Compass Group: