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Visiting the college before you choose

We are holding the following events to help families with children due to transfer to secondary school in September 2019 chose the school they would like to attend:

Open Evenings: 6 - 8.30 pm

The open evenings begin with a presentation from our Principal, Alex Newton, who will explain about our aims and ambitions for our students and how these are achieved, the care and support offered and the college ethos.  This will be followed by some information about our bi-lateral status and the selective places offered following the 11+ test, for those who are interested in this aspect of the college.

Tours of the college, lead by key members of staff accompanied by current students who will be able to help you with any queries, will include all departments of the college and begin after Ms Newton's talk.  You will see examples of learning and topics in each department as well as demonstrations and our wonderful facilities.  The Principal and members of our Senior Team will be available all through the evening.

To experience a full tour, you will need to arrive for the beginning of the evening but you do not need to book a place.

The open evenings take place on:

  • Wednesday 20 June
  • Wednesday 19 September

Open Mornings; 9 - 10.30 am

Our open mornings offer families the opportunity to spend some time in the college during a normal working day.  Ms Newton and the senior team will lead tours of the college, taking in all teaching departments and other facilities.  This is a great way to experience what the college 'feels' like on a regular day.  There will be the opportunity to ask questions along the way and at the end.

Please contact the college on 01803 400660 or by email to to book a place at one of the following open mornings:

  • Tuesday 25 September            
  • Wednesday 26 September      
  • Thursday 4 October                 
  • Friday 5 October
  • Monday 15 October
  • Tuesday 30 October

We look forward to welcoming you to the college!


Bespoke Tours

Whilst we are extremely proud of the college and all that we do here and relish in sharing this with visitors, unfortunately we do not have the capacity to accommodate requests for individual tours and appointments for families of children who will transfer from primary to secondary school in September 2019 outside of the scheduled events*.  Please come along to the evening and / or morning events which will include information about all aspects of the college, including our SEND and selective provisions; we are confident that these events will help you decide that The Spires College is the place for you!

(*If you are relocating to the area or have extraordinary circumstances that mean you cannot attend any of the events, please contact the college on 01803 400660 or email