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Year 11

Information about preparing for and sitting exams

As we approach the exam season when revision and preparation dominates our time, teachers and parents/carers need to help all of our students to prepare for the exams ahead. 

Each student receives a personalised exam timetable which includes the venue for all exams and the seat in which they will be sitting.  We recommend that students check the seating plans before every exam so that they know exactly where they will be; this approach can reduce stress on the day.


Please be aware that no equipment will be handed out in the exam rooms.  All students are expected to bring to every exam black biro-style pens to write with, pencils and a ruler in a clear case, as well as any subject specific equipment required such as a calculator.  The requirement that a black ball-point pen is used comes from the exam boards.  This means a biro-style pen; gel pens and ink pens are not permitted.  Please see details at the foot of this page regarding equipment that can be purchased from our Maths department.  Pens are always available for students to purchase from our Resources department in room 0309.

All bags will be stored in a locked room away from the exam room.  Phones and other internet enabled devices (including watches) are not permitted in the exam room and we strongly suggest these are left at home.  If they are brought into the college, it is the students’ responsibility to store them as we will not be collecting phones at the start of exams.  Any student with a phone or internet enabled device in the exam room, even if it is turned off, will be subject to disqualification.

Before and during exams

Students must arrive fully equipped for the exam 10 minutes before the start time stated on their timetable.  To reduce stress we will aim to start every exam promptly following the reading of the JCQ guidelines:

You must not become involved in any unfair or dishonest practice in any part of the examination.  You must:

  • not sit an examination in the name of another candidate.
  • not have in your possession any unauthorised material or equipment which might give you an unfair advantage.
  • not have possession of a mobile phone or other unauthorised item or materials, even if you do not intend to use it.  If you do, you will be subject to a penalty and possible disqualification.
  • not talk to, attempt to communicate with or disturb other candidates once you have entered the examination room.
  • follow the instructions of the invigilator.
  • speak only to an invigilator if, during an exam, you have any questions.  You must raise a hand and wait for an invigilator.
  • in any unexpected circumstances such as a fire alarm, simply follow the invigilators’ instructions.

Official documents published by the Joint Council for Qualifications regarding exam rules and requirements are available via the link below:

We have recently invested in brand new exam desks in order to improve the exam experience for students.  Please be aware that these must not be written on or vandalised in any other way.  Failure to follow this instruction will result in a student being charged for the desk and their invitation to the Prom revoked.

Parents/carers can support their child in preparing for the exams by keeping them well fed, watered and rested!  Visualising the exam process and being organised at this time can improve exam performance.

Students will follow their normal college timetable until advised otherwise.  Part way through the exam season, when it becomes impractical to continue with the normal timetable, it will be replaced with a schedule of revision sessions and exams.  Please be aware that all students are required to wear full uniform at all times when they are in the college until the end of the summer term, even after their leavers' assembly has taken place.

If you have any questions about exam entries, please contact our Examinations Officer, Mrs Strutt.  If you have any other queries, please contact the appropriate subject teacher; Mr Hayden, Head of Year 11 or Mrs Pike, Pastoral Support Manager.  

This is the booklet that was provided at the Year 11 Parents' Evening: Year 11 Exam Preparation Booklet

Guides and Information

Letter to accompany revision guide recommendations

You can print out this blank timetable to help you plan your revision: Blank Revision Timetable

There are some good revision tips on this website:

Details about revision sessions taking place during the Easter or half term breaks will be available closer to the time.


Revision Guide Information

Core Subjects



Recommended to buy CGP revision guides on the following set texts:

  • Shakespeare: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or ‘The Merchant of Venice’
  • 19th Century text: ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ or ‘Great Expectations’ or ‘A Christmas Carol’
  • Modern text: ‘An Inspector Calls’ or ‘Lord of the Flies’
  • Poetry: ‘Power and Conflict cluster’
  • Unseen poetry AQA revision
  • English Language AQA revision CGP guide



Recommended to buy from the Maths Department at £2.50:

Collins AQA GCSE Revision Maths Higher or Revise AQA GCSE (9-1) Mathematics Revision Workbook and Revision Guide Foundation.


Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Combined


Revision guides available to buy on ‘Parent Pay’. Biology, Chemistry and Physics books cost £2.75 and Combined Science cost £5.50.

All Year 11 students have been given a workbook.



No revision guide however students can visit: for inspiration and tips.

Business Studies





All students will be given a revision guide by the department.

It is recommend that those with a target grade of 6 or above buy the following additional book:

Computer Science


Recommended to buy:

Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Computer Science Revision Workbook: for the 9-1 exams (Revise Edexcel GCSE Computer Science)

Dance – Performing Arts


Not required.



Recommended to buy:

Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Drama Revision Guide by William Reed and John Johnson. Published by Pearson. (



Revision guides will be lent to students by the department.


Food and Nutrition


All students have been given a revision guide by the department.





Recommended to buy:

New GCSE French AQA Complete Revision and Practice.

Pearson AQA GCSE French Revision.

CGP Grade 9-1 French Revision and Practice. CGP Books.

Printable version: Revision Guide Recommedations

Revision Workshop

The materials from our recent Revision Workshop can be downloaded via the following links:

Student Revision Workshop Presentation

Cornell Notes Template


Easter Break Revision Sessions

As part of the preparation process for the upcoming examinations, the subjects listed below are offering revision sessions during the Easter holiday.  These sessions will be primarily supporting students on the topics in their examinations and completing coursework for the various subjects.  If you would like to take part in these sessions, please complete and return the slip that was sent with the letter about these sessions to main reception by Thursday 4 April 2019.

There is a printable copy of the letter that has been sent, including reply slip, below:

Letter regarding Revision Sessions in the Easter Break

ArtMonday 15 April9 am - 3 pm1106Miss Roberts
ChemistryWednesday 10 April9 am - 12 noon1710Mr Somers
DanceThursday 18 April9 am - 12 noonDance studioMrs Veale
EngineeringThursday 11 April9 am - 3 pm0407Mr Evans
ICTWednesday 17 April9 am - 12 noon1205Miss Cox
MediaMonday 8 April9 am - 12 noon1601Miss Collman
PhotographyTuesday 16 April9 am - 3 pm2107Mr Parry

Students will need to access the college from the rear/delivery entrance, as the front of college will be locked, and register in the room listed above.  If students have a full day of revision they may wish to bring food and refreshments for the day as the college canteen will not be open.  


Summer 2019 GCSE Exam Dates

Printable version: Summer 2019 GCSE Exam dates

Leavers Assembly

Following the Chemistry exam on Wednesday 12 June, Year 11 Students will all attend their final assembly in the main hall, taking place during period 3.  After the assembly Year 11 students will be dismissed from college for the day.  They will then only attend college for their remaining exams or for any pre-arranged revision sessions.  Please see the section below regarding uniform. 


Students must wear full uniform at all times when they are in the college until the end of the summer term, including exams and term time revision sessions. After you no longer need it, please bring in any good quality items of uniform that you would like to donate to be used by the pastoral team. You can leave your donations with the reception staff. 


Final School Photograph

Tempest Photography visited to take our Year 11 Group Photograph and individual photographs on Monday 11 March.  

Students were given an order sheet containing their image to bring home on that day.  Orders can be made by returning the completed form and payment to the college and also via Tempest Photography's website:  If your child did not bring home their order sheet, you can contact the college reception team to obtain the codes you need to view their individual image and order online.

Year group photo: To view the year group photograph you will need the password that has been emailed to parents, carers and students.  Please do not share this password with anyone else.  Go to:  Enter "The Spires College" in the search box then, on the next page, enter the password.  The image takes 10 - 14 days from the day of the shoot to be available to view online.


Year 11 Prom
The Year 11 Prom will take place on Friday 28 June at The Imperial Hotel.  Reception is at 7 pm with entertainment throughout the evening, a buffet and photographer.  Carriages are at midnight. 

Tickets cost £25 and will be available to buy in the later in the spring term.  

Attendance to the Prom is dependent upon students demonstrating appropriate behaviour during their last year at college as well as attending the required amount of extra study sessions.


Leavers' Hoodies

From January, Year 11 students will be able to order a 2019 Leavers' Hoodie in a colour of their choice, to include an optional suitable nick-name if they wish, from the website below: 


Summer 2019 GCSE results

Results will be available from 9 am on Thursday 22 August 2019 in the Sixth Form Centre.

Certificates will be issued in November 2019 and you will be contacted regarding arrangements for collection closer to the time.

Results and certificates will only be released to the person they belong to.  We cannot give out students’ results to anyone else, including parents, without written permission from the person they belong to and accompanying identification of the person collecting them.  Anyone wishing to collect results or certificates on behalf of a someone else will need to show ID and written letter from the student giving consent for that person to collect their results.  


Essential Maths equipment information