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Information & Expectations


All of the College’s routines, rules and expectations are outline in an information booklet which you can download below.  This information is also provided to the families of all students new to the college so that they are completely familiar with life at The Spires College.

The Spires College Information Booklet


Guidance for Students
Homework is work that you are required to do outside of your timetabled lessons. Not all homework is done at home; in fact, some homework tasks might need to be completed at College (in break, lunch or after College) because you need books, equipment or ICT resources that you don’t have at home.  Some students find working at home difficult. If this is the case for you, you should complete your homework in College. 

You will be given a Homework Timetable. Your tutor will show you how to record your Homework Timetable in your planner.

Your Homework Timetable will help you to plan your time.  Your Homework Timetable tells you what homework you should expect to complete each day. The day on which you are expected to complete the homework might not be the day on which it is set. Your subject teacher will tell you:

  • (a)    What homework you need  to do
  • (b)    What day you should do the homework on
  • (c)    How, and where, you should record the homework in your planner

If it is easier for you to complete your homework on a different day from that detailed on your timetable, that’s fine, as long as you meet the deadline. 

Your planner is a very important tool. It will show you, each day, exactly what you need to do that day outside of your timetabled lessons.

If you don’t bring your planner to school or you don’t write down your homework properly, you will be given an L1-Planner. If you lose your planner you should tell your tutor.  You will need to buy a new one.

Your tutor will check your planner each week.  You must show your planner to your parent or carer and get them to sign it. Your tutor will tell you on which day they will check that your planner has been signed.

If you don’t complete your homework by the deadline, you will be given an L1-Homework and your teacher will ask you to complete it by a new deadline, probably the next day.  Your teacher will write a note in your planner and may also set you a break or lunchtime detention. 

If you fail to complete your homework by the new deadline, your teacher will give you an L2-Homework and you will be required to attend an after school department detention.  Your teacher will also ring your parents or carers.
It is your responsibility to:

  • (a)    Bring your planner to school every day
  • (b)    Complete your homework every day; your planner will tell you what homework you need to do each day
  • (c)    Record your homework carefully, exactly as directed by your teacher
  • (d)    Ask your teacher if you don’t understand what you need to write down or where you need to write it down, or what you need to do

Homework Timetables


Please see the link below for information about keeping yourself safe:

Safeguarding Information for Students