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Term Dates

Please note that some days are designated for staff training and students are not required in College on those days.  These are referred to as ‘non-student days’ in the notes sections below.  Single day holidays that fall within a term (e.g. public holidays) are also stated in the notes sections below.

The links below each chart open whole year overviews, including A and B timetable weeks, holidays and non-student days.


2018 / 2019

TermFirst DayLast DayNotes
13 September19 OctoberNon-student days 3 September and 19 October
229 October20 DecemberHoliday 21 December
37 January15 February 
425 February5 April 
523 April24 MayPublic Holiday 6 May
63 June19 JulyHoliday 22 and 23 July
Click here for the Whole Year Calendar 2018-2019 showing A & B Weeks

2019 / 2020

TermFirst DayLast DayNotes
12 September18 OctoberNon-student days 2 September and 18 October
228 October19 DecemberHoliday 20 December
36 January14 February 
424 February27 March 
514 April22 MayPublic Holiday 4 May
61 June17 JulyHoliday 20 and 21 July
Click here for the Whole Year Calendar 2019-2020 showing A & B Weeks