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Careers and Surprises with Mathematics

Our Mathematics department recently welcomed a special guest into College.  Martin Lavelle, Associate Head of the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics at Plymouth University with responsibility for Admissions and Outreach, came in to give a presentation to our Year 9,10, and Sixth Form students.

The presentation entitled, ‘Opening Doors: Careers and Surprises with Mathematics’ covered topics such as credit card interest rates, how maths is used to allow people to purchase goods online using encryption and why Godzilla isn’t real!
He also told students about the careers available to people with a Mathematics degree, how it can allow you to travel the world and the earning potential.

To our sixth formers, the talk was an informal conversation regarding what topics they can expect to be studying at University as part of their degree and he answered their questions.

“Martin Lavelle is very highly regarded and it was fantastic to have him here at The Spires College. His presentation really motivated the students,” said Maths Mentor, Philippa Smith.