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A Windy Weekend for Ten Tors Training

The 45 Mile Team
The 45 Mile Team

Students who are taking part in the annual Ten Tors Challenge in May, have been practising their navigation skills.
The teams spent a weekend on the South Moor surrounding Widecombe on the Moor.
“After camping out on Friday night in very strong winds, both teams had a great day on Saturday, “said The Spires College Ten Tors leader, Nathan Moore. “They woke up and packed camp in great time, and once they started walking, they were walking quickly and their navigation was superb despite the wind and rain trying to challenge them.
“Considering they were all running on no sleep this was a credit to their teamwork and resilience. A strong position to be in before a full Saturday and Sunday trip this coming weekend.”
The final teams will be decided soon and give those selected the chance for more intense training leading up to the event.