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Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial Tree
Holocaust Memorial Tree

Year 8 students have created a unique tree of remembrance to mark the recent Holocaust Memorial Day.
The tree is a symbol used by the Holocaust Educational Trust as a symbol of growth and progression and students wrote promises and thoughts on the leaves of their tree.
“They wrote things they thought people should never forget, about the lives lost, and what people should learn from the Holocaust,” said Acting Head of History, Charlotte Scott.
“Some also wrote promises they wanted to make to help ensure this doesn’t happen in the future, things like, try to forgive, try to focus on love, not hate.”
The College also had a special visitor. 87 year old Leslie Kleinman, a Holocaust survivor, visited the Year 9 and 10 GCSE History students to share his story.
The tree of remembrance will now be displayed in the College to remind students of what they have learnt.