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Ahoy there Sailors!!

Rachel Mosley who hopes to join the Royal Navy one day.
Rachel Mosley who hopes to join the Royal Navy one day.

Two of our students have set sail on life changing adventures.
Year 12 student, Rachel Mosley (17) is just one of six young people chosen to take part in the MDL Marinas Sail Training Awards run by the Ocean Youth Trust, while Year 9 student, Antonio Cummings (14), joined a team of eight selected from young people across the UK, to take part in Aspire360, organised by the Morvargh Sailing Project.
Rachel was nominated by her friend Millie Jenks and didn’t think she would be selected. “Millie sent off the form and we forgot about it until Millie got a phone call saying I had been shortlisted and then I was interviewed,” said Rachel. “I didn’t think the interview went that well so I was absolutely over the moon when I was told I’d been chosen.”
Explaining why she nominated her, Millie said,” She is such a good friend and deserves to be part of this incredible experience. She’s such an adventurous soul and I thought this would really suit her. She also supports me a lot in school, so I thought this would be a sort of thank you to her. I’m so happy and proud she got a place.”
Rachel set sail for a week on April 8 from the Ocean Village in Southampton. There was no set itinerary and where the boat goes depends on the wind and weather, as it has no engine just a sail, and also what the rest of the team want to achieve.  However this shouldn’t be a problem for Rachel as she’s been a member of the Sea Scouts and Sea Cadets and has spent time on-board a boat before.
“My family moved down to Torquay from Yorkshire six years ago and I joined the Sea Scouts to get used to being on the sea.  Then I joined the Sea Cadets and that’s where the passion started,” said Rachel. “I hope to join the Royal Navy one day after I’ve been to university to study nursing.”
Rachel who is studying A level Biology, English Language and Psychology, says she’s looking forward to meeting new people and learning and developing new skills. “I don’t come from a family who has lots of money and I don’t get every opportunity so this is fantastic,” she said.
Her fellow student from The Spires College, Antonio, will be spending five weeks on his life changing adventure. On Sunday 2nd April he joined a team of eight young people aged between 14 and 18 as they sail 1735 nautical miles around the coast of Britain. They turn right out of Plymouth Sound and sail in a clockwise direction on Morvargh Sailing Project’s 57 foot ketch, Helen Mary R.
“I was thrilled when I received the phone call  telling me I was selected to be part of the Aspire360 team, I could not believe I had been chosen as there were so many other lovely people,” said Antonio, who is studying GCSE Maths, English, Geography, Science, Travel &Tourism, Engineering and ICT.
“I am most looking forward to learning how to sail Helen Mary R and working as part of a team, especially up on deck, and visiting the Titanic Museum in Belfast as it is my favourite subject.”
Antonio, who doesn’t have much sailing experience and plans to join the Royal Navy once he finishes school, says he’s looking forward to learning sailing skills, learning to navigate and cooking for the crew. “My mum hopes I come home having learnt how to be tidy and clean up after myself!”
His mum, Nicky, says they were all in shock when they heard he had got through. “It was so over- subscribed we didn’t want him to be disappointed so didn’t really make a big thing of it when he went to Mount Batten for the final selection process.
“We are of course very proud of him. He’s always had this huge interest in boats and ships of all sizes so when we moved here last year we realised very soon that he would end up out on the water one way or another.”
Principal of The Spires College, Alex Newton, said everyone in College is very proud of Rachel and Antonio. “We are all looking forward to hearing about their adventures on their return. I’m sure they will have some amazing stories to share with us.”


Antonio Cummings out on the water.