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The Spires - a new start!

It was ‘all change’ for our students coming back after the summer break. Not only are they wearing the new school uniform they’ve come back to a new school name and logo too!

Westlands School is now The Spires College.

“This is very public display that we are on a fantastic and rapid journey of improvement,” said Principal Alex Newton.

The word ‘spires’ was first discussed because the college sits amid a row of spires on the Torquay skyline. But, the final decision was made because the word spire forms part of other words that are key to the college’s core purpose.

“To inspire and to aspire really sums up the college’s core purpose,” said Ms Newton. “In Latin the word ‘spiro’ means to breathe life into something and that is exactly what we want to do: to energise, excite and bring learning to life”.

Breathing life into the college uniform and designing the new one was the job of the College Council. Students spent many lunch breaks looking at sample clothes and colour swatches and trying things on.

Rachel Prentice a student at The College said: “Being part of the School Council in Year 8, I was lucky enough to be part of the team who got to pick the new school uniform. It took some time, but we finally chose it!

“We looked at lots of colours and styles and eventually agreed our new look for a new start at The Spires College.”

All students have received the uniform for free.